From July 9th to the 12th we were able to take 64 students and 8 leaders to Student Life Camp on Daytona Beach! We had the opportunity to worship with Elevation and Vertical worship alongside over 2,700 other students and leaders. We enjoyed our time in the word with Craig Groeschel and D.A. Horton walking through the theme of “I AM.” We learned more about who God is and who God is not. Students enjoyed messages hearing about how God is not a “goose bump God” who is only there if we have a tingly feeling. We also heard about how God is not an “on call God” who is only there when we feel like we need him. The Gospel was clearly presented every morning and evening which allowed us to even see one student accept Christ as his Savior!

We all really enjoyed our time playing games and partnering with Riverside Church and Crossroads Baptist Church. We were able to intermingle the kids and leaders from each church to create different color teams. Riverside Church did an amazing job heading up the game portion and were such a blessing to us while at camp. It was great getting to go away and still partner with local churches from our area. All in all, our kids and leaders (from all 3 campuses) had an amazing experience while at camp. We were able to get to know our God in a more intimate way and have fun while doing it!

– Matt Cantwell


"I had an amazing week at camp. Being able to spend a week in God’s presence was very refreshing. To see how much God loves me really convicted me to care more for those around me. I also really enjoyed being able to spend a lot of time with our church family. That is what is amazing about camp, being able to build this fire for Jesus as a team and bring it back home to share. So many awesome friendships were made and the Summit Students community got much closer as a group."

- Conner

"Student Life Camp was truly one of the best experiences of my life. It was super fun and God revealed himself to me in new ways. One of the speakers made a point that in the Bible the word “beloved” is used in the perfect tense and the passive voice. This showed me how God’s love is constant even when we feel distant. This also helped me understand how I am called to love others around me and allowed me to grow in my community of friends."

- Riley 


"Student Life Camp during the week of July 9, 2018 was transformational in the eyes of our Lord.  As a leader I first experienced peace as all the leaders prayed for each and every student personally the evening before the trip. The trip was very well organized. All three Summit campuses came together with a strong message of unity between campuses.  My group consisted of all University Campus boys in 8th, 9th and 10th grades. Outside of just having a "blast" it was during the intimate small group times when we were able to dig a little deeper.  All 11 boys were emotionally and spiritually ready to talk, discuss and listen. Whether it was on the drive up, walking to dinner, small group, morning exercise or worship, I was able to witness the Holy Spirit moving through the youth.  Out of the 11 boys in my group for the week I saw some radical transformation in most all of them.  3 boys declared their interest in baptism and one even put his faith in Christ."

- Matt LeLievre