Recently, several nations that we are invested in through various gospel partnerships have been undergoing different forms of upheaval. We're asking that you would pray with us for our partners and for these nations.


Our missionaries, Al and Sarah Gomez, have recently had to flee violence and unrest in Nicaragua as government and protestors clash. Throughout the country, more than 300 people have been killed since protests began on April 18th.

Pray for peace and quick resolve to these political divisions. Pray for God's protection and that he would allow Al and Sarah and their family to return to Nicaragua so that they might proclaim the gospel to every man, woman and child in their city.


Just in the past 7-10 days, rising fuel costs have caused rioting throughout the nation of Haiti prompting the US State Department to update its travel advisory for Haiti on July 9, raising it to "Level 4: Do Not Travel." We currently partner with Haiti Bible Mission, Mission of Hope, Haiti , Dawn Shoemaker, School of Grace, and Lifesong for Orphans. These are organizations and individuals who are dedicated to bringing the gospel to every man, woman and child in the nation of Haiti.

Pray for peace in Haiti. Pray for God's protection for our partners who are faithfully ministering there. Pray that God would give them increased opportunities to share the gospel as a result of this unrest.


Just this past Tuesday (7/10), Hurricane Beryl crossed over the Dominican Republic causing flooding to hundreds of homes and causing 15,000 people to still be without power. We had already planned to send a team to the DR next week to minister with our partners Love Serves International. We have adjusted our plans to focus on bringing relief to some of the hard hit areas, while representing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those in need.

Pray for power to be restored and for those who have suffered damaged homes and goods. Pray for our team, that God would use them powerfully to represent the love of Christ. Pray for a great harvest of souls as our team and our partners minister in the Dominican Republic.

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