We began our journey somewhere around 2am Saturday morning headed for Ft Lauderdale to board a plane with 20 moms, dads and kiddos flying to Haiti to serve alongside one of our Xpansion partners Mission of Hope, Haiti.  Our first two days have consisted of us entering the local villages to meet families, playing soccer and other fun games with the children, and seeing all the great things MOH is doing for the country of Haiti.  They truly desire to see every man, woman and child transformed by the power of the Gospel.  

On Sunday we worshipped in their Haitian-led church services and toured the main campus along with the Bercy campus where our team is staying.  It has been very eye opening to our team as they have seen MOH President, Brad Johnson's vision come to life from his willingness to answer the call God placed on him and his wife Vanessa in 1997.  

There are 91,000 meals a day sent out by this organization and still 81,000 on a waiting list. There are so many other great things they are doing here like building a technical school, an elderly home, orphanage, schools, medical clinic and many other great things.  

The beauty of this ministry is that everything they do leads with the Gospel.  The hope for mankind is Jesus and as they make disciples here they will see radical transformation of this country. Men, women and children who are saved and begin following Jesus will now live on mission in the places they live, work and play so that many other will hear the Good News.  

Please continue to pray for our team as we have some who are sick and rundown already. Pray for God’s continued favor on MOH and for our team to be vessels He uses for his glory as we are here this week.