We are halfway through our week in Haina, Dominican Republic, and it has been a truly amazing experience so far. Last Saturday we set out with six young adults from Summit to serve alongside The Refuge Church "El Refugio" in the urban community outside of the capital city, Santo Domingo.

We joined with 30 others from churches in south Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio, to engage with, encourage, and empower the local church here in the D.R. in conjunction with our partner Love Serves. It really has been a partnership with the local church and Love Serves as they have already been doing the ground work, planting seeds, and reaching the lost, and we have now joined them in their mission.

We have helped finish the floor of their trade school that will serve to equip men and women with opportunities to provide for their families, as well as to give the young people of this community outlets from the typical lifestyles of gangs and prostitution. The team has also enjoyed getting to care for the children of the community by hosting camps in conjunction with The Refuge.

Besides serving with The Refuge, we have also learned from the Dominican men and women what it means to love the community God has placed us in. It's humbling to see every household being prayed over, invested in and engaged in evangelistic conversations. This church has truly become a light in the darkness and we have all grown from witnessing their faithful representation of Jesus to their neighbors and family.

In the midst of so much poverty, pain, and seemingly hopeless situations, God is displaying his love and goodness through this faithful expression of His body.

As we enter the final half of our week would you consider praying for our team?

1. That God would continue to provide opportunities for us to engage with the community in Gospel conversations leading to growth and salvation.

2. That our six from Summit would embrace the mission that God has given us, not only for the Dominican Republic but for out own homes and family.

3. That our partner, Love Serves, would feel encouraged by our team's presence here and would feel the love and support from our summit community.