We see it on the news and read about it on social media…the issue of human trafficking has become not just a growing concern but an unavoidable conversation. The state of Florida in general and this area of SWFL in particular is a geographical region that is especially affected with recent reports stating that human trafficking has increased by over 50% in the past year.

The growing statistics leave us all wondering what we can do? How can we help? What would it look like for the church to more actively and intentionally engage in the fight for the lives and protection of vulnerable people? How can the church lead the way in rescuing victims? What would it look like for the church in SWFL to rise up and not just make a dent in the industry, but eradicate it altogether? How can we strategically assist ministries that are already working hard to end this travesty?

Come join us at a Forum on February 26th as we discuss these kinds of questions. Find out what exactly trafficking is, what is being done to stop it, and how the church can engage in standing up against it.

We will have our ministry partners Wings of Shelter and Porchlight with us to educate, equip and present opportunities with which we can engage in as the church of Jesus.

Come and learn how we can lead the way in bringing Christ’s light and redemption to the darkness.



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