By Michael Kumher

We had been attending Summit Church for about a year and a half and we were struggling to make connections with people. That’s when we made the decision to join a Community Group.

We were just getting to know most of the folks in our group when we had a pretty difficult situation come upon us. We reached out for prayer and our Community Group supported us in so many ways, helping us as we walked through a difficult time in our lives.


Being in a Community Group has been a place for us to know and be known. It’s an environment where we grow in our relationship with the Lord and with others. Experiencing how people, some who barely knew us, stepped out in obedience to the Lord, changed our perspective and helped us to see our need for life in community.

This past Fall, we were excited to have the opportunity to help start a Community Group in East Lehigh. It has been incredible to grow and learn together as our relationships have formed and deepened. Not long ago, my wife and I were made aware of an urgent financial need that one our families was burdened with. We shared this need in our Community Group meeting on a Sunday evening and asked our families to pray and see what God would have them do. In less than 24 hours, our Community Group stepped up and was able to meet the financial need in its entirety! We were so taken back by the generosity of those in our group and so moved by this love and concern for Christ’s body that we wanted to share it with you.

 If you’re not part of a Community Group, please understand that we weren’t designed to endure our struggles alone or live isolated lives. Instead, as part of a community of Christ, we can celebrate, grow and live together, experiencing through one another the generosity and care our Father has for his children.

To find out more about Community Groups at Summit, go here.