Recently Andy & Rachel released a new album 'Vision in the Wild' and one of the songs that a lot of folks connected with was ‘Dream again’. Here is a little of the story and heart behind that song from Andy:

"A few months ago it felt like the Lord was inviting us as a family to dream with him over what the future could look like and what He was calling us to. In a culture where “dreaming” can often end up being individualistic and even downright consumeristic, the concept of dreaming for the believer can seem somewhat strange and perhaps even improper. However, this song is a call to dream WITH God for what it looks like to see His Kingdom come in greater measure in our lives and our communities.

Sometimes that’s dreaming for what it looks like to move from a place of brokenness to wholeness. Other times it might be asking God what His heart is for our families, our neighborhoods and our cities. What it looks like to see broken social systems, broken countries and broken relationships healed. To dream, not for our own personal end - but for the ultimate end - His Kingdom and His Glory being made known through the community of the church, and witness of our lives in the places he calls us to live, work and play. The great thing about that kind of dreaming with God, is that it often ends up being the best place for us to live our lives; right in the center of his will.”

See the story behind the Album here.