At Summit one of the ways we try to connect with our communities is through our eleven school partnerships, in both Lee and Collier counties. We want to support our educators and in turn, have the opportunities to represent the gospel of Jesus Christ to the students and families in our communities.

For the last few years, one of the ways we've been involved in our schools is through teaching a curriculum called 'Core Essentials' assemblies. All the kids from that particular school gather in their auditorium to hear our team teach good values, like honesty, kindness and integrity.

Of course we love the opportunity to unpack these values to the students but our aim goes a little deeper as we seek to meet students where they live, learn and play.  These assemblies work through a required curriculum that help the schools comply with local and state regulations; so these are a win-win for our schooling system.  But the question might remain; "why the church"?


Core Essentials

at San Carlos Park Elementary

Putting on these assemblies gives us great visibility with the administration, teachers, and students in our area, and subsequently gives us the opportunity to love these schools and their families while we build healthy relationships in the process. 'Core Essentials' gives us a platform to serve our neighbors well and to engage them when we begin to see them outside of the schools.  

This brings us to the fruit we are seeing as a result of this work. Because the schools trust us and know we are here to serve them, over and over again we are having opportunities to minister to families in need that the administrations send to us. When we see these families outside the schools, we get to stand on the gospel and love them well through counseling and service.

We also see the fruits of our labors as we serve our area with Sports Camps in the summers. During the year we engage with students in the schools who then come to our camps and hear the gospel proclaimed! Then we get to step back into the schools and we are known! This results in continuing to build relationships throughout our circles of accountability. 

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School Partnerships

As a Summit Kids team we are so thankful for the opportunities that God has put before us to serve our school partners and we are seeing the fruit of that labor. Thank you for your continued partnership as we seek to make disciples that represent the gospel to every man, woman and child!

- The Summit Kids Team