Our Family Ministries team has had a great week at our Core Assemblies this week as we visited 4 different schools; Rayma C. Page Elementary, San Carlos Elementary, Pine Woods Elementary and Three Oaks Elementary. We were privileged to teach a curriculum called Core Essentials to over 4,000 students and 250 faculty, giving them solid principles like "Treat others right, Make smart decisions and Maximize your potential".

Producing and executing these assemblies helps us establish a solid presence in our schools and builds relationships with the students and faculty in our community. We have seen that building into these relationships have given us huge favor not only with the faculty of these schools, but with the parents and students as well. We are praising God for His favor with these schools in our community. Please pray with us as we work to grow our influence and continue to build relationships in our community for the sake of reaching every man, woman and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

- Mark Schaap