Over this last year, I have had the joy and opportunity to be discipled by Pam Cabrera, along with a few other girls. Participating in discipleship meant engaging in what we have been called to be a part of.

Personally, it has taught me the reality of living out the gospel. I have learned the gospel is our saving grace, not to make our story complete and over with, but to transform us every single day. The gospel is not a part of what my testimony "was", but is a part of my testimony right now! It is because of this discipleship process that I have learned how being called a "follower of Christ" means we have the joy of living each day with our identity being justified and dignified.

Meeting with Pam, I have learned that reading the Word and understanding what it is saying is something that is tough, yet so very important for a follower of Christ to engage in because it is God's own breath written to his sons and daughters. When we try to capture the beauty and mystery of what God has for us stored in His Word, we enter into a new way of living out something that we would never want to hide, and never want to keep quiet about.

This journey of discipleship is not just a study of the Bible, but actually doing life with others who want to walk alongside you and turn you back to the gospel because they themselves have seen and understand the love that our Heavenly Father has first shown us. Through this discipleship process, God has led me to understand this call for my life and has allowed me to disciple a girl of my own and from here on out I hope to continue following after the call He has given me to be one of His disciples.