We are super excited for Sports Camp 2016!

This year we will have 750 students between our two Sports Camps and this creates great opportunities for us to have gospel influence in our communities. Nearly a quarter of of our attendees (22%) indicated that they have no affiliation with any church, so we’re excited about the opportunity to represent the gospel through this camp to families who otherwise might not have any connection to Christ.

Each day we will be sharing the gospel through large group rallies as well as small group breakouts as our 230 volunteers engage these kids on a daily basis. As we head into these next couple of weeks of camps, we would like ask the church to pray for us in the following ways:

1.    Pray for God’s continued favor to connect with these families in our communities.

2.    Pray for all our volunteers that they’ll be able to engage in gospel conversations with the kids in their small groups.  

3.    Pray that the weather will cooperate with us and the rain will hold off.  

4.    Pray for endurance for the leaders who will be leading out in back to back camps this year.