Andrew's Story

For years, before surrendering my life to the Lord, I wandered in what I considered to be my safe place. In the darkness. 

Many people, my family and my friends, told me that I needed help. I was told to 'try this' or 'try that' or 'go meet with this counselor'.  

But I was stuck in my own selfish ways thinking. I thought I could save myself.

Not long ago, I met some friends who told me that there was a saving grace and there was real hope. It was in talking to them that I finally felt I could open up and be honest with someone who would genuinely want to help me.

They invited me to Summit’s Gateway Campus but I still had my doubts. How could I be saved? How could I be drawn out of my darkness?


It was Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 when I walked into Summit Church. In that moment I felt something come over me that I couldn't explain. I felt at ease and experienced relief from the darkness I was in. 

After listening to the Gospel preached and hearing others testify to the great works of our God, I knew I could be saved. I knew there was hope.

After the service, I met with Pastor Jamin and opened up to him. I heard and believed that God does love us all, even the broken sinners like me. Since that day I have been freed from my sins. I am now a child of God.

And now, even in times of darkness, I am able to see the light of Christ. I am able to resist the darkness that I once thought was my only hope. And I can turn my back on the enemy knowing that there is a power in me much stronger than him.

- Andrew