One of our members put together a simple prayer calendar to pray over with their kids this advent season and we wanted to share it with you. We hope you find it helpful!

December 1 – Pray for an extended family member you’ll get to see at Christmas time

December 2 – Pray for a neighbor

December 3 – Pray for someone you know who is sad

December 4 – Pray for the president and other leaders of our country

December 5 – Pray for one of your friends

December 6 – Pray for foster children and orphans in your community

December 7 – Pray for someone who needs healing

December 8 – Pray for someone you know who is lonely

December 9 – Pray for your teachers

December 10 – Pray for refugees who are fleeing dangerous living conditions

December 11 – Pray for your parents and siblings

December 12 – Pray for someone you know who is hurting

December 13 – Pray for a family you know who recently had a baby

December 14 – Pray for people who will spend Christmas alone

December 15 – Pray for people in a country far away

December 16 – Pray for someone you know who doesn’t know Jesus

December 17 – Pray for people who are hungry

December 18 – Pray for your church pastors

December 19 – Pray for the leaders of your activities (soccer, dance, music, etc.)

December 20 – Pray for someone who will be missing a loved one this Christmas

December 21 – Pray for people who are homeless in your community

December 22 – Pray for someone at your church

December 23 – Pray for someone who adopted a child this year

December 24 – Pray for family members who live far away

December 25 – Praise God for his great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, and pray that more of your family, friends and people in your community will come to know Him as their Lord and Savior this coming year. Merry Christmas!