We're so blessed to have an amazing group of men and women who pour into our Family Ministries. They serve faithfully week in and week out and we're so grateful for their sacrifice! Here's a few stories of those who serve.

" I serve in Kidzone because I feel that God has given me a certain set of skills to be an engaging and effective teacher of his Word. I'm particularly passionate about training children to understand not just what the Bible says, but what it means for them. Since my goal is to bring glory to God, I think that His glory is most on display when I am able to share His Word in ways that are relevant and meaningful."

 - Mike

"When I moved to FGCU I was in need of finding a "home church" during my time here. Fortunately, God placed me in the right hands and someone introduced me to Summit Church. My first attendance at Summit Church was for their college ministry called Ignite. That's where I learned about the need for volunteers that Summit Family Ministries had. I love children, I love teaching and most importantly I love God. I knew that I wanted to be involved with Family Ministries especially when I learned about Summit's mission. I also felt very welcomed and loved by Summit Church. Three years have passed and I am still an active volunteer. Because I have been loved by God and given a gift, I know that I am called to love these children and families. "


"I volunteer with Family Ministries for so many reasons. One of the greatest being that I absolutely love it! When I moved down to Fort Myers for college and was in search of a church to call home, I was also looking for a church that I could fully serve in. Knowing that God has gifted me in teaching and building relationships with kids, I eagerly jumped right into Family Ministries. I couldn't be more thankful for all that has come out of my experience in serving here! It has been such a blessing to give my heart and time to these kids. I know that the effort I put into it is worthwhile to the them and myself, but also to the parents as they have the opportunity to leave their children in a trusted place and be able to have a chance to fully engage in worship and teaching without distraction. I continue to serve because not only is it a way that I can build up kids and give back to my church, but also because it grows me tremendously. I learn so much from teaching the bible stories and relating them all back to Christ and the gospel. I grew up hearing these stories and taking away core values from them, but never was shown how Christ is fully involved through it all. I love how the kids get to experience God's word this way and how I can even apply those Christ connections to my everyday life. Through teaching and leading out groups I also grow in recognizing my need to be so dependent on the Lord for my words and actions, to practice giving grace, and to see more things through the faith of a child. The last reason that I'll throw in is that this ministry allows me to cross paths and form relationships with some pretty amazing people! It has brought opportunities for me to be discipled, it has formed some of my greatest friendships, and has brought me families that I have been able to simply do life with and be better for knowing. 

I really do look forward to each moment that I get to walk through those downstairs doors. I can't imagine what my college experience would be like without the opportunity to serve in Family Ministries at Summit!"

- Mikaela

"Well let’s see… I started volunteering in Family Ministries because I wanted to get more connected with the church and because I love working with kids!  I would have never imagined how much I would personally grow in my walk with the Lord through volunteering at KidZone. So now I volunteer because I can see God moving and I want to be a part of that and because He has been so faithful in growing me in my leadership and teaching skills through my time spent there.  I’ve also formed relationships with the other volunteers and the kids and I absolutely love spending time with them. "

- Amanda