For the second year in a row I’ve had the great privilege of serving with Oakridge Middle School’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Coach Tom Speigal has been overseeing this group for the last few years and has poured many hours into the students in hopes they might hear and respond to the gospel. Before this school year started, Coach Tom asked me to take a run with the “Bible” portion of the club. Without hesitation I excitedly accepted.

The normal routine of the club is to start with prayer, then jump into game time (ie. football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.). Afterwards, we sit down with a snack and open God’s Word together. 

Yesterday, November 2nd, much like every Monday afternoon I was sitting in the parking lot of Oakridge Middle School waiting for the bell to ring and for school to let out so I could go in and get ready for FCA. As I was sitting and reading from Romans 5, the passage I would be teaching from, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to pray specifically for light to be shared in the dark. I prayed that the gospel would be clear and that students would be able to understand the implications of it on their lives.

Later that afternoon, at the end of my teaching, I gave the students a direct opportunity to respond to the gospel. I asked if there were any students who prayed to trust Christ, and if there were, for them to look up at me and catch my eye, while everyone else kept their heads bowed. To my amazement between eight and 12 students looked straight up at me. It was an overwhelming and exciting feeling. 

Unfortunately, we had to dismiss rather quickly after that, but I look forward to following up with these students next week and to continue to be a part of their weekly gatherings. Would you pray with me for these students? I am excited for what Christ is doing in this school! 

-Jason Nigh