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Effective Christian Leadership is essential to the health of a church whose aim it is to multiply disciples that reach every man, woman and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 3, Ephesians 4) In order to see our communities saturated with the gospel, it will take the decentralization of communities and churches. And we believe healthy multiplication of these expressions of the gospel cannot happen without healthy leaders.

With this in mind we’ve designed Leadership Essentials to empower disciples of Jesus to lead both inside and outside the walls of the Church. Leadership Essentials is an intentional assessment-based development process made up of 3 distinct training modules. Each of these modules help equip disciples both formally (training) and informally (discipleship) so that they:

1.) Understand the DNA of Summit Church and the areas of leadership they can step into.

2.) Identify their gifts and capacity to lead the mission of God at Summit and beyond.

3.) Grow in their spiritual depth and leadership competencies.




1. HEAD (What you know) – 12 sessions on basic theology

Values: God-Glorifying (Knowing, Worshiping & Being led by God)

2. HEART (Who you are) – 4 sessions of gospel clarity

Values: Gospel-Centered (Embracing, Applying & Proclaiming the Gospel)

3. HANDS (What you do) – 4 sessions of missional intentionality

Values: Missionally-Driven (Embracing God’s Mission, understanding what the mission demands of us, & living as missional ambassadors





The informal modules consist of a meeting 1x per month in a group of 3-4 people (cohort)

Each module will have a book associated with it that the cohort will read together and discuss monthly.  A discussion guide will be provided for each reading so that cohort members can come prepared to discuss all learning and how it applies to them personally and to their future leadership.

Cohort meetings will be scheduled by the cohort leader and will last around 90 minutes.

Cohort readings include:

o    HEAD – Christian Beliefs – Wayne Grudem

o    HEART – TBD

o    HANDS - TBD

Leadership Essentials exists for those disciples who have the spiritual maturity and relational capacity to lead in the future.

• Spiritual Maturity: Growing measurably in the outcomes of a disciple as identified with an official assessment.

• Relational Capacity: Time available and commitment to lead in the future.

 • Essentials participants are identified, assessed and recommended by a Summit Church Elder or Deacon.


2016-2017 Schedule

 *All Sessions are from 6PM – 8PM at the University Campus


HEAD 101     

1. Systematic: What is it? Why do we need it? And how should we go about it?  -  9/26/16

2. Doctrine of God: The existence, Knowability & Attributes of God  -  10/3/16

3. Doctrine of God: The Trinity  -  10/17/16

4. Doctrine of God: Creation & Providence  -  11/7/16 

5. The Doctrines of Humanity & Sin  -  11/21/16

6. Doctrine of Christ: The Person of Christ  -  12/5/16

7. Doctrine of Christ: The Work of Christ  -  12/19/16

8. The Doctrine of Salvation: Common Grace, Election, and Calling  -  1/9/17

9. The Doctrine of Salvation: Regeneration, Conversion  -  1/23/17

10. The Doctrine of Salvation: Justification  -  2/6/17

11. The Doctrine of Salvation: Sanctification and Perseverance  -  2/13/17

12. The Doctrine of Holy Spirit: Pneumatology  -  2/27/17


HEART 101                                                   

1. Embracing the Gospel (God's Story)  -   3/13/17

2. Applying the Gospel (Grace Story) -  3/27/17

3. Gospel Shepherding (Application) -   4/3/17


 HANDS 101                                                   

1. Embracing God's Mission   -  4/24/17

2. Living as Missional Ambassadors -  5/8/17

3. Discipleship Groups -  5/22/17