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Effective Christian Leadership is essential to the health of a church whose aim it is to multiply disciples that reach every man, woman and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 3, Ephesians 4) In order to see our communities saturated with the gospel, it will take the decentralization of communities and churches. And we believe healthy multiplication of these expressions of the gospel cannot happen without healthy leaders.

With this in mind we’ve designed Leadership Essentials to empower disciples of Jesus to lead both inside and outside the walls of the Church. Leadership Essentials is an intentional assessment-based development process made up of 3 distinct training modules. Each of these modules help equip disciples both formally (training) and informally (discipleship) so that they:

1.) Understand the DNA of Summit Church and the areas of leadership they can step into.

2.) Identify their gifts and capacity to lead the mission of God at Summit and beyond.

3.) Grow in their spiritual depth and leadership competencies.


FALL 2017 Schedule

 *All Sessions are from 6PM – 8PM at the University Campus


1. Discipleship Groups  -  9/25/17

2. Mission  -  10/09/17

3. Mission  -  10/30/17

4. Gospel  -  11/13/17

5. Grace Story  -  11/27/17

6. How to Read the Bible-  12/04/17

7. Prayer  -  12/18/17