Believer's Baptism

Have you trusted in Christ but not yet been baptized? Baptism symbolizes what has taken place inwardly and is an essential way for each believer to identify with the death and triumphal resurrection of Jesus Christ! Our next Baptisms will take place soon.

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child dedication Dinner

Child Dedication is an amazing thing that we see in the scriptures and love to do with our families! Our Parent Dinner will take place soon and is an important step in the process. You are encouraged to invite 4-6 of your closest friends and/or family to this dinner and prayer service.  You will have a “family table” filled with guests of your choice. Childcare is provided for you and your guests. 

Our next dinner/dedication service is happening this Spring.


If you would like to be a part of our next dinner,  email

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membership class

At Summit Church we practice covenant membership. In covenant membership, the church and the individual link arms, to live as light in the midst of a dark world. In this relationship, the church member is cared for, protected, and commissioned by the church. In turn, the church body is strengthened by its members who embrace and live out the mission of the church.

Church membership is a declaration to the world of what it looks like for individuals to live faithfully in the midst of a Gospel-centered community, and what it looks like for a Gospel-centered community to care faithfully for each individual.


Connecting Point

Join us for our next Connecting Point. It will be a time of learning more about Summit Church, meeting some staff, and finding out how you can get plugged in here.

Our next Connecting Point is: October 6th at 9:00am
Breakfast and childcare provided.