forming & releasing kingdom leaders.

Our Emerging Leaders program focuses on forming and releasing Kingdom leaders into marketplace and vocational ministry. The investment in these young leaders is so that they would pursue the mission of representing the gospel to every man, woman and child. We are working with young leaders to discern and confirm their calling as a Kingdom leader and equipping them with the foundation they need for a lifetime of sustained Christian leadership.



1. Track One consists of a two-year Internship

2. Track Two is a limited number of two-year residencies.Both of these tracks are designed to equip, empower and release leaders into vocational and kingdom ministry roles.

In addition to our vocational ministry tracks, we also have a one-year Marketplace development track.


This Marketplace track is designed to release leaders into the business arena, equipping and empowering them to use their roles as a platform and tool to expand the kingdom and pursue the vision of reaching every man, woman and child with the gospel. The track consists of personal development, theological formation, mentoring, missiological
formation and more.

Currently we have 16 young leaders moving through the track for those who are pursuing vocational ministry and 5 more engaged in the Marketplace track. Our hope is to see some 50 or more leaders move through the Emerging Leader process in the next few years.


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